About The Company...

Legendary Service

You get to be a legend by being the best at what you do. Think Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, or Bobby Jones. When you are that good, folks talk about you. Folks talk about Advanced Services.

They talk about the happy staff, our responsiveness, and our effectiveness. They tell us, "I told my neighbor to call you." The only ones not talking are the bugs. The bugs are gone. Are your bugs gone? Get service worth talking about. Contact Team Bugstopper.

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We have an ACE on staff

Associate Certified Entomologist, Bo Thomas

Do you have a degree in bugs? We hear that a lot, and many of us do. When you want bugs stopped you need someone who knows how the little buggers think. Meet the masterminds that keep your home & business bug free.

Nobody has a better trained team than Bugstopper. Our graduates from the nation-leading Purdue University Entomology Department train everyone else here. The benefit to you? Your technician has the answers- now. Some people think studying bugs is odd. We think, if you want to stop bugs you need to know their weaknesses.

Word From The Founder

Described as a tireless advocate for the principles that made America great, Jeff is active in business, vocal in the community and is a long-time dedicated supporter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

My goal is to build a great organization that improves the lives of the customers, employees, vendors, and the community in which we live.

Jeff Annis, Advanced Services

When taking some time off from serving customers and community you may run into Jeff appreciating the talent of or navigating clear waters. Jeff is a supporter of the arts, and enjoys any opportunity to sail our nation’s waters.