Advanced Express Bundle

Perimeter Pest Control:

This service offers you:
-Siimplicity: Stop the bugs and pests before they invade your home.
-Convenience: No need to be home, in most cases, for us to provide service.
-Peace of mind: Applications are usually made outside your home. Of course, if your home is already invaded, we'll treat the inside first.

Perimeter Pest Control is effective against bugs, of course, but also against: Rats, Mice and Fleas

Advanced Services provides six treatments per year (versus most companies' four) and our pest-free guarantee covers more critters than theirs.

Termite Elimination

Do you sleep WELL knowing your home is fully guaranteed against termite damage, or do you sleep WHILE termites are literally eating you out of house and home? Team Bugstopper has selected Sentricon® as their weapon of choice against termites.

Sentricon® is the termite protection system in use at:
  • -The Statue of Liberty, New York,
  • -Independence Hall, Philadelphia
  • -George Washington's home, Mount Vernon, Virginia
  • -The White House

And, if termite damage should occur at your house anyway, we will pay to fix it –Guaranteed!