Bugstopper Express Bundle

(T.A.P.) Thermal, Acoustical, and Pest Control Insulation

T.A.P. Insulation reduces heat transference through walls and ceilings while offering:

  • Extra protection against household pests.
  • Improved protection from external noise.
  • Fire retardant properties.
  • T.A.P. insulation installs in a few hours and reduces energy consumption immediately.

Solar SNAP

Solar SNAP insulation uses air-pockets and special materials to prevent up to 97% of heat from passing through the Solar SNAP barrier. Heat that stays outside the barrier doesn't require your air-conditioner to run at a full gallop. Solar Snap usually installs in one day and begins reducing expensive heat transfer immediately.

Space Seal (Crawl Space Encapsulation)

Space Seal (Crawl Space Encapsulation) eliminates the dank, humid, drafty space under your floors and the unwelcome creatures that live and breed there. Space Seal converts your crawl space to a light, dry storage space, reducing energy bills at the same time.