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September 1, 2021

5 Most Common Fall Pests

stop mice from getting indoors

As the temperature outside starts to cool off in the fall, some pests will be more active and more noticeable in our yards and in our homes. Advanced Services Pest Control can rid your home or yard of unwanted pests and keep them from coming back. Here are five of the most common fall pests to watch for:

Bees and wasps

These flying – and stinging – pests are more active because they are busy preparing their nests and hives for winter. As their natural food sources (mostly smaller insects and plants) start to run low, bees and wasps seek food higher in sugar and carbohydrates. This is when you’ll see them on soda cans, plastic cups and garbage cans. Advanced Services will eliminate any wasp nests within 15 feet of the ground. Because bees are pollinators, we don’t exterminate them, but we will recommend beekeepers who will move them.


Cockroaches always want easy access to warm shelter, food and water. Some of these little pests can tolerate the cooler weather of fall and winter, but they usually prefer a warm place to live, which might be your home. You can reduce cockroaches in your home by making sure they don’t have access from the outside. Seal all cracks and holes, including those in the foundation, around doors and windows and at the roofline. In your home, sweep and vacuum regularly and ensure all food is stored in airtight containers.


Beetles are generally harmless, but anyone in the Augusta-Aiken area knows that ladybugs love to get indoors during the fall and winter months. These are usually more of a nuisance than anything, because they tend to gather in large clusters around lights fixtures and in windows. Instead of spraying chemicals in your house to get rid of them, just remove them with a vacuum cleaner.


Aside from Mickey Mouse, perhaps, there’s nothing cute about having a mouse in your house. If you see one mouse, there are likely more hiding somewhere. Like other pests, mice just want a warm place to stay with easy access to food. Mice can carry and spread diseases, and they reproduce quickly. A couple of mice can quickly turn into an infestation.


Spiders are more active in the fall because they are looking for mates. Unfortunately, though, the spiders you see in your home during the fall have likely been there all along. They are just venturing out to mate. Spiders like damp, dark environments, so keep basements, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. dry.

If you need help with fall pests or just want some more information, Advanced Services Pest Control is happy to help. Contact us today to get rid of fall pests in and around your home.