TAP Attic Insulation

Do you want attic insulation with pest control capabilities? TAP pest control insulation is a popular product for the home, offering an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and energy-saving solution to your attic insulation and pest control requirements. Advanced Pest Control Services offers TAP attic insulation in Augusta, GA to provide you a reliable and lasting solution for attic insulation maintenance.

Attic insulation is prone to damage, resulting in a significant reduction of its insulating benefits, while also creating hazardous health concerns within the home. Advanced Pest Control’s attic insulation service is the perfect solution for your insulation requirements. TAP stands for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control and affords users three-fold benefits. In addition to providing energy-efficient insulation, the material used in the system also offers pest-control capabilities along with sound-proofing properties that help create a more serene setting within your home. Made from all-natural materials, TAP insulation makes use of mineral salts to prevent invasive pests and insects from infesting your home.

Insects like ants, cockroaches and silverfish are unable to build up tolerance to TAP materials, keeping them out of your home. This—and the fact that it allows for better acoustics while keeping the home energy efficient—makes TAP a better choice compared to traditional insulation products.

TAP Insulation Kills Bugs!

Here is a tip for you: If you can see the rafters in your attic, you need more insulation! TAP saves you money by decreasing your power bill. It keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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