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Be Prepared! Mosquito Season is Here

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Mosquito season is upon us, and the influx of these disease-carrying vampires is most notable as temperatures begin to rise and heavy rains start pouring. This can put a halt in your summer plans because no one likes sharing the outdoors with buzzing, stinging mosquitoes that can potentially make everyone sick. Fortunately, residential pest control is easy if you know how to properly prepare your home before mosquito season starts in full swing. You can also call on professional
mosquito control services to help you assess your entire property and recommend ways to get rid of your mosquito problem for good, whether it is a strong treatment or regular spraying to keep their population growth at bay. You always want to be prepared for the threat of infestation and follow important precautions to fight their presence.

  1. The first thing you should do as you prepare for mosquito season is to get rid of their breeding grounds. Eliminating standing water from rain gutters, pet food bowls, boats, low ground areas and anywhere else there might be stagnant pools will help you control their numbers. Remember that these pesky insects don’t require deep, standing water in order to lay eggs, just a filled bottle cap is enough for them to breed in. Fix leaks that could cause small puddles to form and don’t allow water to sit undisturbed for more than a week.

  2. Fit your doors and windows with mosquito-proof screens. What’s worse than a yard full of mosquitoes? A home that’s equally infested. This is why it is important to install screen doors and mesh screens for windows to create a barrier that will prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. Watch out for small gaps and holes in your structure that could provide these insects access inside your home. Depending on your area, you may also want to consider hanging mosquito netting over beds (especially cribs) to protect yourself and the rest of your family from these blood-sucking, disease-carrying insects.

  3. Consider keeping mosquito-repellent plants around the home. Some common plants with mosquito-fighting properties include marigolds, catnip, lemon balm, ageratum, horsemint, basil, and rose-scented geraniums. These natural insect repellents can help rid your home of mosquitoes and other annoying insects.

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