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5 Questions You Must Ask Any Wildlife Control Company
September 4, 2019
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March 10, 2020

Best Tips on How Green Environmentally Safe Pest Control Can Help You

You’ve discovered you have a need for pest services, perhaps for rodents and similar pests, or maybe your need is for an insect exterminator, perhaps to fight carpenter ants. You’re doing your research online and discovering, as well, that there’s a lot to learn, and a lot of chemicals involved. You might be considering using green pest control, and perhaps wondering “Does green pest control work? Does green pest control even work for carpenter ants?” It can, friend, and it’s a better choice for the environment, and almost always for your family, too.

Going green and using organic pest control helps to minimize the impact of pesticides on your family and home. Why maintain a costly lawn your children can’t play on, because it’s laden with chemicals keeping pests at bay? Not all pest infestations require the heavy deployment of chemical treatments and eco-friendly pest control might be your absolute best option. Advanced Services uses a combination of green pest solutions and environmentally friendly products to mitigate your infestations.

Advanced Services wants to protect your home from pests using a green planet pest control approach—we want to leave as little impact on the environment as possible. Our dependable proven green pest services can alleviate your pest problem without exposing everyone and everything to hazardous chemicals and waste by-products.

Advanced Services uses an integrated pest management approach, using a combination of changing the environment to be less suitable to pests and using only green products to supplement that control. Companies use the terms “green, organic, natural” all the time, but there’s no official definition or industry standards that regulate how those words get used. Some companies may use cheaper, synthetic version of a naturally-occurring and sustainably available chemical and say they’re “green.” A true green pest exterminator near you will come out to your home and complete an inspection. Advanced Services will look for ways to deny access to your pests before we even begin treatments with products, and use nothing but the best techniques, most recently backed with scientific scrutiny to fix your pest control problem.