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5 Questions You Must Ask Any Wildlife Control Company

When it comes to removing wildlife and keeping it away from the home and yard, many people rely on do-it-yourself methods of store-bought traps and chemicals. Although these methods can be effective, they cause harm and suffering to the animals and could potentially harm homeowners, too. The best way to remove wildlife and keep it away is to hire a professional wildlife removal service, such as Advanced Services Pest Control.

Squirrels, skunks, mice, raccoons, bats and similar wildlife can be destructive to your home and property. If they bite you, it certainly will hurt, but it also can lead to illness. Still, though, there’s no reason to hurt or kill these animals. People who know what they are doing can remove them humanely and take steps to keep them away from your home.

You can do a few things to keep wildlife out of your home.

Screen your vents. Everything from mice to raccoons can find their way into your home through broken vents, uncapped chimneys and roofline openings.

Cover your trash. Nuisance wildlife tends to be attracted to trash piles left outside the home. Store filled trash bags in containers that have sealed lids to keep animals from eating leftovers.

Cut back foliage. Keep wildlife out of your home by preventing attic or roofline access. Cut back shrubs or tree limbs so that they are at least 6 feet from your roofline.

Clean your yard. Piles of leaves, firewood and other debris give wildlife shelter and is attractive to squirrels, raccoons, mice and other pests. Avoid having these piles in your yard, or at least keep them away from your home.

Advanced Services Pest Control provides a free inspection of your home and property and will give you accurate estimates for trapping services and the removal of wild animals. Our experienced wildlife removal experts will take care of the repairs needed to keep animals from coming back. We offer a year-long guarantee that can be renewed annually.