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December 22, 2017
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March 9, 2018

Why Should You Insulate Your Home’s Attic?

Why you Should Consider TAP Attic Insulation in your Home

Proper insulation of the walls, ceilings, and floors of your home are basic requirements for any home building or home improvement project. Insulation is fundamental in keeping your building cool despite the heat of the summer and warm in the cold of winter. You could be missing out on huge savings on our energy bill and opportunities to make your home more energy efficient by keeping your attic uninsulated. Houses lose a great amount of heat through attic spaces. In fact, at least 85 percent of heat loss in a home is due to uninsulated attic spaces. If you’ve never considered TAP attic insulation, your home is wasting a great deal of energy and costing you money.

Different parts of your home have different insulation requirements. What works for your floors and walls might not necessarily be the best approach for your attic. This is where solutions like TAP pest control insulation is beneficial. According to experts, attic insulation is an important investment, yet not many people see its relevance. Below are major reasons why you should consider TAP attic insulation  in your home:

  • Science teaches that warm air rises. The heat that rises inside a home ends up in the attic, and the cooler the weather becomes, the more warm air gets trapped in, or escapes your attic instead of circulating back inside your home and keeping your family warm and cozy… costing you. 
  • An attic without proper insulation will attract hot air into your home, especially in warmer weather. Unwanted summer air will not only make your home uncomfortable, it will also force your air conditioning system to work twice as hard just to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
  • Insufficient insulation will also allow cool air to escape, which will make your energy bills skyrocket.
  • Applying the right kind of TAP pest control insulation to your attic ceiling can also prevent damages caused by rainwater and unwanted pests. Water leaking into your attic ceiling, along with pests festering in your attic space, can put your home at risk for all kinds of damages – from a compromised structure to mold growth and nesting pests, which can lead to costly repairs and health problems.