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Mosquitos – Year-Round Problem Here in Georgia

Striped mosquitoe

With an overall warm, humid climate, “mosquito season” in Augusta usually runs from March to October. Mosquitoes, however, can often be found in November through February if conditions are warm enough. In other words, mosquitoes can be a year-round problem in Georgia.

Mosquitoes are annoying, and their bites sting. More than that, however, they can be dangerous. Mosquitoes are known carriers of many blood-borne illnesses, including Zika virus, West Nile virus, malaria and more.

With the prevalence of mosquitoes in the Augusta area, especially in the hot summer months, it helps to know how to manage them. Advanced Services Pest Control suggests the following:

  • Mosquitoes lay their eggs and reproduce in standing water. And it doesn’t take much; they can lay eggs in the standing water in the back of a toy dump truck or in a discarded plastic bottle. Remove standing water from your property, especially near your home.
  • Fill in holes that tend to hold water after rainfall.
  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters. The debris holds water in your gutters the mosquitoes use to reproduce.
  • Be sure to insulate and/or screen all windows and doors to prevent mosquitos from entering your home. If window screens have tears or rips, replace them.
  • Cover or remove objects and outdoor furniture that can collect stagnant water. Outdoor furniture coverings can hold water.
  • Clean your swimming pool regularly. Properly cleaned and chlorinated pools prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.
  • Use bug lights and mosquito repellant for short-term relief from mosquitos.

The best thing you can do for short-term and long-term control of mosquitoes is to call a team who knows what they are doing. Team Bugstopper as Advanced Services Pest Control has the experience and know-how to eliminate mosquitoes from your property. Our Pest Plus Exterior and Perimeter program treats around the outside of your home and your entire yard, including decks, patios, trees, shrubs and anywhere else that would attract mosquitoes.