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Top Tips for Keeping Wildlife in the Wild

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As temperatures drop and the winter season starts to roll in, wild animals like raccoons, squirrels, possums, and even bats tend to take refuge indoors. Households and homes where there’s a constant supply of food and water and where they can keep warm in the colder months make the perfect sanctuary for nuisance wildlife, much to the inconvenience of homeowners and occupants.

Animal-proofing your property is the best way to prevent wildlife infestation. Below are some tips to help you drive away and keep wild animals out and prevent them from tracking in dirt, debris, and potential health risks because of their indoor presence:

– Screen your vents. Raccoons, squirrels, and the like, will typically find their way into your home through broken vents, uncapped chimneys, and roofline openings. Screening these areas will keep wild animals out and prevent them from nesting in your home.

– Be diligent in covering trash. Nuisance wildlife tends to be attracted to trash piles left outside the home. Make sure to store all your filled trash bags in containers that have sealed lids to keep animals from feasting on leftovers. Doing this also ensures that your trash doesn’t encourage even more wildlife to flock around your home.

– Cut back foliage. To keep squirrels from gaining access to your roofline, cut back branches and tree limbs that hang too close. Make sure to call a squirrel removal service if a rogue squeaker has already entered your home and has started wreaking havoc. To prevent future break-ins, be sure to keep vegetation around your home at least 6 feet from your roofline.

– Keep your yard clean. Accumulating leaf piles in your yard make for a great harborage site for little creatures. Your firewood storage is another warm, cozy spot for these small animals. Keeping your yard clean and your firewood storage away from the house will also help keep wild animals away.

– Do away with bird feeders or keep them accessible only by birds. Raccoons, squirrels, possums, and sometimes even bears tend to be drawn to birdseed. Place bird feeders in areas where it would be difficult for small animals to reach. Keeping bird baths away from the house will also keep wildlife from wandering into your home.

– You can do some of these things yourself, but you can also call companies that offer squirrel removal service, bat control services, and pest control services. They can offer professional animal-proofing techniques & solutions that can prevent future infestations and keep wildlife out.