Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

Basement moisture is a home maintenance issue that must be addressed immediately. Left untreated, it can cause bigger issues that can be even more expensive to fix down the line. A moist crawl space will not only cause mold and unwanted odors—it can also lead to damaged walls, floors, interior fixtures, and belongings. A simple inspection of your home will help you identify where the root of the problem is. If you typically experience heavy rains, condensation, leaks in plumbing, clogged gutters, and/or groundwater infiltration, it is highly likely that basement moisture is present.

A crawl space moisture barrier is an essential component of any flooring construction. Many moisture-related problems can be prevented with the help of the right vapor barrier installation. At Advanced Pest Control Services, you also have the option of having a vapor and moisture barrier installed to provide complete protection for your home. Advanced Services for Pest Control, Pest Control Services, Augusta, GA
An uninsulated crawl space can be a major disadvantage when it comes to home maintenance because damp soil is an inevitable component of a crawl space floor. Vapor barriers reduce moisture levels, helping to prevent mold and unwanted odors from forming. Vapor barriers even help keep floors at comfortable temperatures as they prevent moisture from rising to the actual flooring installation. A moisture barrier keeps dampness at bay, thus keeping floors warm in winter and cool during the summer heat.

Insulating your crawl space with an additional layer of moisture barrier will also help you make your home more energy efficient. Just as high moisture levels in crawl spaces can affect the temperature of your floor, it can also affect the temperature inside the home. Vapor barriers act as sealants that control moisture and make your flooring installations more energy efficient, helping to effectively lower energy costs.

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