Wildlife Control and Pest Removal Services

If wild animals are creating a nuisance or causing damage to your property, you not only need to find safe ways to get them out, but ways to keep them out. You can either attempt to manage the situation on your own or hire wildlife pest control services to handle bat, raccoon, or squirrel removal. Hiring a pest control service is often the most practical and effective way to go. It is critical that you find a company that uses humane methods to eliminate and keep wildlife away from your premises.

Using DIY methods to rid your home of wildlife may cause a great deal of pain and suffering to the animals you are trying to remove. Traps and chemicals not only harm wildlife—they may compromise your own health and safety. By hiring wildlife control and bat control services like Advanced Pest Control Services, you can be certain that the techniques and methods used on the intruding wildlife are as humane as possible and will not cause harm to the animals or to the health of the humans who occupy your property.

Having raccoons, bats, squirrels, skunks, mice and similar wildlife in and around your home can be frustrating and bothersome. You should understand, however, that these animals are seeking refuge in your home, not to be destructive or pose danger, but to shield themselves from outside elements like extreme weather conditions and predators. This is why the most humane way to deal with wildlife is to contact an experienced animal removal service.

At Advanced Services, we provide a free inspection of your home and property, as well as accurate estimates for trapping services and the removal of wild animals. We will also do the necessary repairs to help prevent the animal or other wildlife from coming back, virtually eliminating the problem. We offer a year-long guarantee that can be renewed annually.

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