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How to stop mice from getting indoors

stop mice from getting indoors

The menace of mice is real! They create havoc if they manage to get indoors. It only takes a few getting in, and then it won’t be long before you have a major infestation because they breed more rapidly than rabbits. This makes mouse control an immediate concern if they start entering your home.

The havoc you can expect

  • Mice chew everything that isn’t metal, stone or glass. Semi-soft materials will be chewed and shredded to make nests
  • Mice will enter into your containers and eat any food they contain
  • Mice chew electrical cords down to the bare wires and may even chew through the wire
  • You will find them in your drawers and cabinets
  • They produce an awful smell. If you do have a major mouse infestation, you may have to get rid of some furniture because the smell has penetrated the wood
  • Mice carry many kinds of diseases, and what they don’t carry themselves may hitchhike into your home through the fleas and ticks that might be on the mice.

It’s best to go all out and stop them for getting indoors

Here are a few ways you can prevent mice from entering your home:

Seal holes

You don’t want mice entering your home through the cracks in your walls, especially those near the windows and entryways. Holes bigger than 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) are an open invitation for them to get indoors. Seal all holes that mice may find entry through.

Keep garbage away from the house

Rodents thrive on garbage and they can tear into plastic trash cans easily to get to the goodies they smell inside. You need to keep bags of trash in sealed trash cans which are kept away from your home. Use metal trash cans instead of the plastic ones. You can put the metal trash can on a cinderblock if you don’t have somewhere to keep it off the ground where it will eventually rust. If your trash can has cracks or holes, replace it immediately and ensure that the lids fit properly. If there are junk piles lying around your property, you need to remove them because mice find it comfortable to build nests in these piles.

Install Metal Air Ducts Instead of Flexi Duct

Rodents can easily chew through Flexi Ducts and nest inside. It is better to use the more expensive metal air ducts, which will keep mice out of your ductwork. You don’t want to be subjected to the nasty smells of mouse urine and their droppings which are harmful if you breathe it in.

Let your cat chase away the mice

The smell of a cat deters the mouse population big time. It’s best to have a cat that’s a great hunter that will pounce on any mouse that dares to enter your home. Your cat will significantly decrease the mouse problem.

Contact Advanced Services

If despite all your efforts, mice are creating a nuisance or causing damage to your property, call a rodent pest control service to handle their removal. Advanced Services, also known as Team BugStopper, in Augusta, GA, uses techniques and methods for dealing with the intruding rodents that won’t be harmful to either the rodents or humans occupying the property. The company will inspect your home and property for free and give you accurate estimates for trapping and removal services. Going one step further, this commercial pest control service will also undertake any repairs needed, to help prevent the mice from returning, thus virtually eliminating the problem. They offer a one-year guarantee that can be renewed annually.