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Insulation to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Tap Blowing

A large part of preparing your home for winter is ensuring that your home is properly insulated. Advanced Services Pest Control is proud to provide TAP pest control attic insulation. When this environmentally friendly, affordable, energy-efficient insulation is sprayed in your attic, it provides excellent insulation to hold in the heat while providing an extra layer of pest control.

TAP is an acronym for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control, and it offers several benefits. In addition to providing energy-efficient insulation, the material provides pest-control capabilities and sound-proofing properties that truly make your home a relaxing oasis.

According to the manufacturer, TAP is produced by grinding-up old newspapers into small enough pieces in which the paper fibers begin connecting to create small air pockets within the insulation. These small air pockets and the unique characteristics of the cellulose paper fibers are the key to the superior performance of TAP Insulation.

Warm air rises, so during the winter, the heat for your living space can rise up and escape through your ceiling, especially if your attic is uninsulated or under-insulated. Using TAP insulation is like covering your home in a comfortable, warm blanket.

Those small air pockets in TAP insulation provide excellent noise-canceling features. Noise is reduced through any section of ceiling with TAP above it. When installed at a certain level, TAP can almost completely remove outdoor sounds.

TAP is specially designed to keep your home free of ants, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, kudzu bugs, ladybugs, millipedes, silverfish, slugs, snails, stink bugs and more by using a very specialized form of borate material in the paper fibers. When insects come in contact with TAP insulation, they get the borate particles on them. Most household insects will ingest the particles when they groom themselves, and the borate interrupts their digestive systems, which kills them.

To get your home insulated for winter with the added benefits of noise reduction and pest control, contact Advanced Services Pest Control today about TAP spray-in attic insulation