Spring Pests and How to Treat Them
April 1, 2020
What is Organic Pest Control?
May 15, 2020

Spring white flowers of apple tree blooming in the spring garden. Natural spring flower landscape

Pest control prep for Spring

Spring brings flowers blooming, squirrels chasing each other up trees, birds chirping – and spring pests. Advanced Services Pest Control has some spring pest control tips to get you started. Now is the time to get ahead of the curve on environmentally safe pest control techniques, like using organically produced pest control treatments and pet-safe pest control products. Advanced Services has been using green pest control that’s environmentally safe for years, because we care about our community. Here are some of our favorite tips to prepare your place for pest control.

Clean up
Pests are looking for three things: food, water and shelter. Cleaning up inside and outside your home and in your yard removes those three objectives. Cleaning your entire home, especially the rooms in which food is made and eaten most often or where there’s water, will deprive pests of shelter and hiding, and they won’t be attracted to the easy food and water. Don’t leave food out on counters overnight or dirty dishes in the sink. In fact, when the dishes are washed, dry them and put them away. You might be tempted to let dishes dry overnight, but water drying on their surfaces is like little oases for ants and cockroaches. If you can’t keep sweeteners in air-tight containers, store them in the fridge. If you must throw food in the trash, take the trash out at night and dispose of it away from your home.

Wipe up
Standing water is a beacon for pests of all kinds, including ants, cockroaches and rodents that drink it, or the mosquitos that lay eggs and hatch larvae in it. A leaky pipe pooling water in the backyard is perfect for racoons. Water collecting in plant trays makes perfect mosquito nurseries. Keep your gutters free of debris that might collect standing water, and make sure your gutters are installed and angled so the water runs out of them. If you have any sub-ground levels in your home, check around corners to make sure there’s no moisture. Inspect all the trees and shrubs on your property, especially close to your home. Keep limbs and vines trimmed back and keep shrubs a couple of feet from your walls.

Seal up
Inspect interior and exterior entries for leaks. Follow utility wires and cables to the points where they enter your building, and inspect those areas closely. If you have a stone-faced home, inspect the vertical slots in the house that allow condensation in the walls to seep back out. Cover those holes up with mesh to keep rodents out. Spring is the perfect time to inspect and repair holes or tears in screens. Check around doors and windows for leaks and replace worn weather stripping.

Advanced Services Pest Control experts can effectively treat your home and yard for a variety of spring pests, from rodents and insects to racoons and mosquitos. Contact us today for more information about preparing your home for spring pest control.