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Cleanup for Spring
April 28, 2020
Mosquito Control & Pest Removal
August 19, 2020

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What is organic pest control?

What do we mean when we talk about “organic pest control” or “environmentally safe pest control?” Can organically produced pest control and pet-safe pest control products work against spring pests? Advanced Services Pest Control offers a variety of treatments against spring pests. Not many companies offer pest control that’s environmentally safe, but Advanced Services believes it’s necessary to think of our entire community. We’ll work with your natural environment to create custom pest control solutions that work best for your home and your neighborhood.

Many pest control companies say they offer organic pest control services, but the treatments really are not as natural as they claim. Advanced Services uses naturally derived products and natural processes to control pests in our Augusta and Aiken communities.

Organic pest control methods are safe for children and pets, and homeowners never have to worry about water contamination. Environmentally friendly pest control is exactly that – it does not harm the environment or people in it.

We are proud to offer our ECO (Environmentally Conscious Organization) service. ECO helps reduce risk and lessens undesirable ecological impacts while still controlling pests in and around your home on a bi-monthly basis. We treat your yard and home with a variety of all-natural, chemical-free products. They are very effective in eliminating Spring pests, and many people say they enjoy the natural smell!

Organic pest control methods use ingredients derived from natural substances and require an understanding of the scientific makeup of the pests and pesticides. Technicians have to know everything about the pests and the organic compounds that can repel them. There’s a science and strategy to our methods, which is why our ECO technicians must pass an ECO-certified written exam with a score of 80 or above and much acquire eight hours in-the-field training every year.

Contact Advanced Services today to find out about the organic pest control solutions we offer for your hoe and yard.