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5 Questions You Must Ask Any Wildlife Control Company

5 Questions You Must Ask Any Wildlife Control Company

Wildlife infestations can range from a minor nuisance to a major danger to the health and safety of your family. This is why it pays to seek the aid of wildlife control services whenever you experience problems with unwelcome pests and animals in the home. While it may seem safe to attempt handling your wildlife infestation situation on your own, the unpredictability of animals can instantly turn the situation from bad to worse. Calling in professionals to do the job is a better approach if you want to protect your safety, prevent further damage to your home, and ensure effective elimination of wildlife from your home. Below are important questions you should ask a wildlife control company when hiring one:

  1.   Are you licensed and insured?

To protect yourself from liability in case of an accident or injury within your home while wildlife control services perform their job, ask about the company’s insurance policies to make sure that their employees are covered. Otherwise, you might be held responsible for accidents that could occur on your property. Licensing qualifications are also an important consideration as this helps guarantee their capabilities as well as the standards that they follow in terms of safety, knowledge, training, and animal removal procedures.

  1.   Are your technicians qualified?

Consider the qualifications of their technicians and service personnel. You want professionals with expertise and experience in dealing with the type of infestation you are facing—those that use only humane methods and techniques in pest and wildlife removal.  

  1.   Are your services future-proof?

You want assurance that your pest or wildlife problem won’t bother you in the future. Ask about service guarantees to make sure that you won’t be faced with the same problem in the near future, or at least make sure that you can call them in case of another infestation within their service warranty period.

  1.   Can you do a detailed inspection of the premises?

You want a company that can perform a thorough inspection of your property to make sure that all possible entry points are sealed off and to address other potential issues that could cause the problem to recur.

  1.   Do you do restoration services?

Ask about restoration services on top of their wildlife removal services to help you restore infested areas to prime condition.

Advanced Services Pest Control is the best place to call for wildlife control services and pest removal. When unwanted animals are beginning to cause inconvenience—or worse, damage to your property—it is time to call in professionals to help you remove the problem and keep them out for good. Advanced Services Pest Control can provide you with the best solutions for your pest and wildlife control problems using the most humane methods.